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                          fyeezys fyeezys.com
                          fyeezys fyeezys.com

                          Kowloon Engineering Company was established in Hong Kong in 1970 and was formally reorganized to “Kowloon Engineering Limited” (“KEL”) in 1992. KEL was accredited as the agent of several Japanese machine suppliers brand which include “Tsugami”, "Miyano", "Takisawa" and “Takamaz” and as a major supplier of Japanese precision CNC lathes... More

                          Control of thermal displacement of the entire machine is pursued through various methods...
                            Taking the best-selling machine B12 as its base, it achieves an ultimate low pric...
                          Flexibly corresponds to compound and complex machining with maximum 32 tools that can be...
                          Achieving a high productivity that substantially increase cutting chip emission....
                          Achieving an ultimate low price for Φ20mm machine. Providing a well-made composi...

                          KEL was established in Hong Kong in 1970 and continued to hold the belief to keep abreast of time and run the business with passion for excellence. Over the past 40 years, KEL continues its commitment to introduce Japanese precision CNC lathes to the market. Today, KEL is one of the most professional and best suppliers in Hong Kong and mainland China.

                          We uphold our service concept "passion for excellence, customer focus", keep pace with the market to provide our customers with professional and good quality service. At the same time, we boost "people-oriented" corporate philosophy to provide sustainable....More

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